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Inside a Train

What is RAMS?

Modern society is dependent on several systems' performances throughout the year. An unplanned stop in a power station or a door on a passenger train that suddenly opens during transport will have severe consequences for everyone involved. For the system owners, the events will among other lead to loss of income and maintenance costs. For the users, accidents can sometimes lead to physical injury.

By identyifying critical components, you make sure that the systems' availability and safety reaches acceptable levels and that the risk of unwanted events are reduced. The weakest links in the chain will be repaired to strengthen the availability and increase the safety, maintenance is optimized to be performed where it is most needed and spare parts for critical components are made available to reduce downtime.

Take Off

How much can your company save on having available, reliable and safe systems?

Read more about what type or contact us for more information about what we can do for your company.

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